There are a lot of bands out there that fall under the all-encompassing “indie” umbrella. Most of them sound nothing alike, but what draws them together and gives them the right to join the club is attitude, egotism, arrogance and a sense of entitlement.

As such, despite how many self-proclaimed indie bands there are in existence, there are precious few that are not mired in douchebaggery and actually make quality worthwhile music.

Luckily, Jim Fairchild proves to be the exception to this rule and showed why he’s so revered by humble indie kids and music snobs alike. As Fairchild’s latest … erm, brainchild, All Smiles serves at proof that it’s possible to infuse mood and atmosphere into a seemingly simplistic sound, and that it’s possible to be emotive and evocative without sounding trite or forced.

A master songwriter and musician, backed by an equally talented live band, Fairchild effortlessly epitomizes how an artist can stretch a few minimal sounds a long way into aural art.