The Truth Is That You Are Alive


The first thought upon listening to An Angle’s latest album is that frontman Kris Anaya keeps a copy of Conor Oberst’s Songwriting For Dummies in his back pocket at all times the way his fans carry around Palahniuk novels in theirs.

While every elitist hipster has a band that sounds like Bright Eyes, where Anaya makes his distinctive is in his ability to … make you feel good inside? It may be a foreign concept to most people who get casual Oberst references, but Anaya’s most worthwhile talent is in the optimism he inherently exudes under his angsty vocal style.

Capable of effortlessly moving between full band clap-along anthems and delicate solo acoustic crooning, Anaya and his band mates show a keen understanding of how to create memorable songs that are both aurally catchy and lyrically meaningful at the same time.

His ability to convey a broad range of emotional moods and tones easily puts Anaya on par with his predecessors and forefathers, and could very well set him up to surpass them soon enough.

Grade: A-

The Truth Is That You Are Alive is currently available.