In case you didn’t get enough of the theme song from your old Nintendo games, you will overdose on the real O.G. of electronic music: the Mario Bros.

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3™ requires no effort on your part, as this is a three-disc DVD of the animated TV show that premiered, believe it or not, in 1990 on NBC. Expanding on those miniature plotlines you invested heart and soul in as a kid, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad are all back with minds of their own.

Based on the premise that Mario and Luigi have temporarily won and banished King Koopa out of safe animation realm, Koopa soon returns eight deep with his evil Koopalings. Your favorite plumbers must then save the mushroom people from tyranny once again!

This collection of shows has an insurmountable amount of novelty kitsch that might just drive you to buy it. If you can make it through each episode intro credit sequence showcasing that all too familiar, theatrically ominous, burgundy curtain accompanied by the Mario theme song you would know in your sleep, the characters are early ’90s chic in color and animated unlike anything you see today. Actually sitting and watching more than one episode is an entirely separate story.

Extras: interactive writers guide, backstory, artwork and original music

Grade: B

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3™ – The Complete Series is currently available.