Gray Matters begins promisingly enough with a couple dancing in a New York loft like a modern day Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. After a few more scenes of the “couple” running through Central Park and unloading groceries, the pair turn out to be brother and sister.

So far so good, I like a little reversal in my plotline. The siblings, Gray and Sam, played by the charming enough Heather Graham (on the verge since 1991’s “Twin Peaks”) and the slightly long in the tooth Tom Cavanagh (“Ed”), have an extremely close and somewhat claustrophobic relationship, which somehow manages to skirt the border of incestuous.

Stuck in a rut, the two decide to set each other up, and in walks the world’s most eligible bachelorette, Charlie (Bridget Moynahan). Having found the perfect girl, both Gray (Graham) and Sam (Cavanagh) are instantly smitten and love ensues. Only for Gray, this platonic love begins to look a lot like something else.

Everything begins to go wrong at right about minute 32. From a somewhat fresh premise – two siblings falling for the same girl – director/writer Sue Kramer leads us down the primrose path into the graveyard of retread romantic comedies.

Gray’s “kookiness” stems from personality quirks like ordering food elaborately (When Harry Met Sally) and being clumsy (My Best Friend’s Wedding). Molly Shannon plays the stock role of loud-mouthed friend (Joan Cusack, Runaway Bride) and the woefully misused Sissy Spacek plays the wacky therapist.

Gray’s inward journey, which starts out with her being a high-standards feminist with “issues,” gets more trite the more she finds out about herself. Moynahan and Cavanagh are given very little to do, and the early promise trails off bit by bit until the film turns into a somewhat sappy coming out story. You’d be much better served to rewatch Kissing Jessica Stein.

Grade: C

Gray Matters is currently available.