Evan Almighty is a film about faith and about trusting God. Although this film does not reach the depths that its predecessor, Bruce Almighty (2003) achieved (flood notwithstanding), it’s still quite good.

When last we left Evan Baxter (Steve Carell), he was the lead anchor of a Buffalo news station, the job Bruce wanted. Now Evan has gone from news anchor to freshman congressman.

The indelible Morgan Freeman returns as God. His performance falls into something between an all-knowing serendipity and the comfort of your best friend.

There’s also Evan’s mentor, the wicked politician Congressman Long, delightfully played by John Goodman, and wise cracking comedian Wanda Sykes plays Rita, one of Evan’s most trusted and outspoken staff members.

God convinces Evan to build an ark, and Evan becomes “New York’s Noah” to the chagrin of his constituents, not to mention his own family. God even makes Evan grow a full gray beard complete with long white hair. He is only allowed to wear biblical style robes.

And the animals, two by two, follow Evan everywhere.

Eventually, Evan accepts his fate, wears the robe and builds one hell of a fine ark. In the end, Evan’s family, and even the incorrigible Sykes become believers and decide to go along for the ride.

Why would the Creator do all this?

“Because I love you,” says Freeman as God.

Just see the movie, and you’ll understand what that means. Evan may not be “almighty” in the same sense that Bruce was; but he’s certainly up to the job. Prediction: Sykes will return in the next installment of the franchise as Rita Almighty.

Grade: B

Evan Almighty is currently in theaters.