Five bands from all over the planet unite for the World Music Institute’s six-week concert tour across North America in Gypsy Caravan. Their musical styles range from flamenco to brass band, from Romanian violin and Indian folk to Raga and jazz.

The Romani people come from across the globe, specifically Spain, Macedonia, Romania and India. They come to America to sing, dance and celebrate life.

Actor Johnny Depp states, “It would be great if by experiencing the Romani people and their music, people can learn more about them and understand that what you’ve believed about these people has been a lie your entire life.”

Gypsy Caravan yearns to take away our preconceived negative images of the gypsies.

Whether you prefer the haunting melodies of the Romanian violins, the plucky sounds of the Indian folk music or the quick thunderous rapid-fire footsteps of the Flamenco, there is something for all world music enthusiasts. The film is a wonderful concert film, but it tries really hard to be a documentary, too.

Pulling together myriad storylines of various performers, the film gets lost in insignificant details and should concentrate on the music and the dance. The music is glorious, and the dancing is spectacular, but the story is literally all over the map as it delves into the personal lives and villages of the accomplished musicians.

Grade: B

Gypsy Caravan releases in select theaters June 29.