The lights hit the stage, illuminating what the fidgeting dance crowd had been waiting for all night. Standing in a crescent moon formation, perfectly still, were all five members of the UK band Hot Chip.

The group’s second album, The Warning, released last summer in the U.S., marked a successful voyage across the pond to American ears hungry for more hipster electro-pop. Led by longtime schoolmates Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard, who co-write and swap melodies and harmonies, Taylor is the small to Goddard’s large.

Unfortunately for the writhing, capacity crowd, Hot Chip denied us much of the album we loved so much. And I do mean “love.” Any time the band played something off The Warning, the mass of sweaty, hyped up bodies began to shake it like they were going to break it, shouting lyrics and jolting epileptic limbs. It was a sight to look below at the packed-in crowd from the balcony during songs like “No Fit State” and the fantastic “And I Was a Boy From School.”

Hot Chip filled the rest of its set with songs lesser known in the states from its debut, Coming on Strong. The band also previewed a few new songs from the forthcoming album, which didn’t seem to catch the crowd’s attention much.

Taylor’s vocals rang out pure as a choirboy’s, and Goddard’s deep, bassy voice echoed harmonies. Taylor was high energy, bouncing around, springy and light while handling a guitar and drumming on bongos.

Closing the set with the winning “Over & Over,” Hot Chip worked the crowd into a frothing-at-the-mouth frenzy before the encore, which was less of an impressive ending to a night of hot, sweaty dance music.