Ever wonder what happened to Pinkberry? They were shut down by Red Mango, that’s what!

Red Mango, the bigger, better yogurt franchise out of South Korea has finally made it to the U.S. with promises to hook and satisfy. This is yogurt as it should be!

Containing no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or excessive calories from sugar or fat, Red Mango frozen yogurt is nonfat, made with natural ingredients and contains nutrients and probiotics, such as calcium and protein with live and active cultures that are beneficial to your health.

Not convinced enough to switch over? I wasn’t either, so I decided to partake in a taste test.

I WAS admittedly a Pinkberry lover. Addict is more like it. So you can imagine how skeptical I was that Red Mango (or anybody else) could convince me that they were even worthy competition.

“Impress me,” I thought. And that they did! I walked into the Red Mango Headquarters and grabbed a seat next to a nice lady and gentleman who had already started their taste test and seemed thoroughly impressed.

There is an air of arrogance and disbelief about me as I place my order: “I’ll have the plain with no toppings.” (I request no toppings so that I can taste the yogurt in its purest form for the sake of a controlled experiment).

I’m met with a smile by President and CEO, Daniel Kim as he confidently hands me a cup of the goods. Everyone watches with intent eyes, and I partake of my first scoop.

It’s almost like the room is waiting on me to comment before they can breath again. I keep them waiting. I look to the sky, trying to find the words to describe the experience.

Finally, it comes to me, and I say “You know, I’m not really into flattery, so know that I mean it when I say this is the best yogurt I’ve tasted in my life.”

Exhale. There is a release in the room as everyone smiles while they second my emotion. Kim is thankful, but not in the least bit surprised. He’s known it all along; it’s just about getting the public to know.

You taste the purity of Red Mango’s yogurt. It refreshes and delights, and right when you think it can’t get any better, you hear that it’s 90 calories for a small cup, and you’re sure you’ve found your piece of heaven.

By this time I’m so convinced that it causes apprehension. “Maybe I’m digging on Red Mango so hard simply because I don’t have my trusty Pinkberry in my face to show who’s boss.”

I scoop the Red Mango for the second time around, and this time I'm even more pleased than at first. There's that pure thing again. I'm definitely growing to love that.

I’m anxious for Red Mango. I look forward to trying a plethora of combinations of plain and green tea yogurt with funky little mixtures of the eight standard and four rotating fruits, nuts, granola and cereal. I anticipate the healthy benefits: the aid in digestion, the improvement of my immune system, the dose of calcium.

You’ve done it, Red Mango. You got me! So wrap yourself up in a 90 calorie cup o’ goodness and call me, lover!

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/RedMangoUSA.