Simon Wiesenthal was not a superhero; he emerged from the Mauthausen concentration camp weighing 100 pounds and minus 89 family members. Wiesenthal literally took on the entire world, inspiring collaboration and a sense of responsibility from Paraguay to the United States.

Although responsible for the capture of extermination camp mastermind Adolf Eichmann among many other high-ranking Nazi officials, Wiesenthal’s lesson was not one of punishment or revenge. Instead, he was the physical embodiment of justice and remembrance.

Wiesenthal is an invaluable asset to our generation who has had it too easy. Too easy to forget the history and the individuals that got us here, and too easy to feel the need to really fight for anything.

Born from the Internet and an inherent amount of privilege, our generation has the capacity to do more than anyone who’s come before; all we need is a kick-start. This film is it.

Grade: A+

I Have Never Forgotten You releases in select theaters July 6.