Whether you see this film because you want to bash Michael Moore or because you want to bash the American healthcare system – you need to see this film.

You will find yourself in disbelief about the facts of the American healthcare system. Then, you will be amazed at the healthcare systems of other countries like Canada, Cuba, England and France. Which will then make you teary eyed and angry with the American Health Industry.

The system’s sheer disregard for human decency and the value of human life will anger you to the point of making you actually think about paying attention to politics this year.

Sicko gives gripping accounts of people who have lost loved ones because of the red tape, the bureaucracy and those at “healthcare” companies whose sole job it is to deny people coverage and/or get the money back that was paid to the customer. The sheer facts speak for themselves, and they’re sickening.

The case for Socialized Healthcare is made when comparing the things already socialized by our government. Imagine how it would be if healthcare worked how our postal, fire, police or education systems worked: free and equal for all who need it.

Private “healthcare” companies or socialized healthcare? You decide which is best.

Grade: A+

Sicko is currently in theaters.