I almost didn’t want to write this review because I’m so enamored with this band I don’t want to share them with anyone! I also don’t want to be blamed for giving a biased view … but there’s really nothing bad to say about these New Zealanders.

The band is quite well known in its native country, and its latest, Horsepower, couldn’t have come at a better time, coinciding with the Eagle vs. Shark movie soundtrack that the group scored.

Indeed, this album is a feel good hit of the summer. I’m pretty sure it will be playing in your car, at your desk and in your head.

“Sister Risk” and “Blue Summer” are mellow but catchy and in no way bubblegum. If you like a wide range of music, from the Shins to Devo, you’ll be delighted.

I’m not sure that we’ll be hearing any of the tracks on the radio, but I highly recommend you pick up Horsepower. It’s one CD that gets better with each listen.

Grade: A

Horsepower is currently available.