The ’90s came and went. The early 21st century crapped out two number one hits for Bright Eyes (in the same week), and somewhere across the pond, brandishing a long track record of relative obscurity and almost no radio air play in the States, Supergrass released four albums that very few people truly appreciated.

For the past 10 years the Oxford natives have embodied a primitive sound that has yet to be compromised by the pre-imposed grandeur bestowed upon other UK bands like Oasis and Blur. Yet, their dues have long been ignored.

Supergrass is equal parts Buzzcocks and Kinks, and on Supergrass is 10, they hold true to all the characteristics of their influences. Although it’s a bit chronologically detached in its track listings, songs like "Seen the Light" and "Caught by the Fuzz" best showcase their eerie Buzzcocks incarnation, the latter in its torrid pace and juvenile lyrics, which perfectly brandish graces of "Orgasm Addict" minus the "stains on your jeans."

"Richard III" captures the band’s raw enthusiasm and expertise of the pop-rock-guitar driven formula; it’s by far the best song on the record. "Mansize Rooster" and "Alright" feature insanely addictive piano melodies, further aided by singer Gaz Coombes’ splendid croons.

Supergrass is 10 marks an unmistakable musical tenure and milestone for the band, and from their obscurity, simply and humbly marks the occasion.

Grade: B

Supergrass is 10: The Best of 94-04 is currently available.