Basketball junkies will love this compilation of stories and highlights of the recent NBA season. All of the league’s top teams and its most marketed stars are featured.

One of the unique segments includes a look at several of the NBA’s biggest stars during this year’s All-Star Weekend celebration in Las Vegas. It’s worth it just to relive the Miami Heat’s Shaquille O’Neal’s break dance and “pop-n-lock” moves on the court during the Eastern Conference practice. Seriously, the man is an amazing dancer, even at over 300 pounds.

There are several repetitive pieces on various teams including the Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. While fans of these teams may appreciate that, it offers no new insight since those franchises are extremely familiar to any avid NBA fan.

The “inside look” at the teams are all structured with the same beginning with awkward, forced chatter and laughter among players, continuing with a look at an intense and physical practice session and climaxing with a stirring sermon from the team’s head coach.

The only behind-the-scenes moments that feel authentic are featured in a segment with Ray Allen of the Seattle SuperSonics and Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards. The viewer is allowed to watch two of the NBA’s most accurate and pure shooters practice and give instruction on how to shoot correctly.

There are exciting flashbacks of Arenas’s buzzer beating baskets, and Allen’s shooting motion is a thing of beauty that reminds you why you love the game in the first place. Hosted by Ahmad Rashad, who also hosts the weekly show “NBA Inside Stuff,” this all-access DVD doesn’t offer anything extraordinary or groundbreaking, but is fast-paced and full of the sights and sounds of the NBA game.

Grade: B

NBA All-Access with Ahmad Rashad is currently available.