Break out the matzo and goat, we’ve got love on our hands.

When David, a culturally Jewish TV show host, first sets his sights on Layla, a Kurdish refugee whose artist visa is just about up, he has all of the romantic know-how of the wolf-whistling canines from Looney Tunes cartoons.

On the advice of his French cameraman, he courts her in the most outrageous ways possible, and as is the nature of women in chick flicks, Layla finds all of this adorable, so she accepts when David pops the question. This is where the really awkward bits start.

David & Layla, based on a true story, is My Big Fat Greek Wedding with a little less comedy and a little more wince-factor. This time there are two overly stereotypical families, but instead of Greek and vegetarian, you’ve got Muslim and Jewish. Watch the sparks fly.

David & Layla is sweet and funny. It represents a fresh spin on an old story, but adds enough weight that an audience can be satisfied.

Grade: A-

David & Layla releases in select theaters July 20.