Goya’s Ghosts celebrates the life of Spanish painter Francisco Goya (Stellan Skarsgård). Set during the turmoil of the French Revolution in 1792, the film follows Goya as a painter to the royal family, as well as an artist during the Spanish Inquisition.

Because his paintings were a stellar example of life in Spain at that time, placing Goya as the central character of this film allows the viewer to learn about the turning points of the Revolution and the people that were involved.

Overall, Goya’s Ghosts is aesthetic and well written. Art and war are uncovered in a new light together, reminding us that the two ideas have always been closely intertwined. In the end, Goya’s Ghosts is not so much about Goya, but is more about the times that surrounded his life.

Grade: B+

Goya’s Ghosts releases in select theaters July 20.