Author D. H. Lawrence revolutionized the way most people view love and seduction. In his day, he was a provocateur; a writer whose words not only shocked, but titillated as well.

It is a bold feat to dare to conquer the allure of the sultry liaisons that Lawrence composed. That is why French film director Pascale Ferran is so progressive.

The film, which was adapted from Lawrence’s John Thomas and Lady Jane, stars virtual unknowns Marina Hands as Lady Chatterley, opposite Jean-Louis Coulloc’h as Lady Chatterley’s lover, Oliver Parkin.

The truly unusual thing about this latest adaptation of Lawrence’s work is that it gives an almost antiseptic view of this time-honored affair. Ferran’s refusal to play up the amorous nature of this project is in stark contrast to other directors who have adapted erotic literature.

Only time will tell if audiences fall passionately in love with this movie, or show it the same tepid emotion from which it was crafted.

Grade: D

Lady Chatterley is currently in theaters.