Newcomers to NASCAR and even long time fans might be surprised by what racing icon Jeff Gordon does when he’s not racing a stock car 200mph. 24X24 Wide Open with Jeff Gordon offers an inside look at one of NASCAR’s greatest champions.

The “greatest champion” title, however, could be disputed by fans of race car legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. During the 81-minute documentary you learn about the rivalry Earnhardt Sr. and Gordon shared during interviews with NASCAR officials and racing fan celebrities like Jay Leno.

Other celebrity interviewees include hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, Miami Heat basketball coach Pat Riley and former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Troy Aikman. Another celebrity and racing fan, Patrick Dempsey, hosts the documentary and talks with the young and handsome Gordon throughout the film.

Most of us like to discover something negative about an athlete or celebrity, but I challenge you to find something bad about this guy. He exudes boyish charm and acts like a kid in a candy store when he tries something new, like a prototype racecar at the 24 Hours of Daytona event.

The DVD also delves into the business side of things that Gordon and crew deal with almost every waking moment he’s not on the track. Sponsorship, charity and merchandising seem to take up more of his time than the actual racing.

But just like having a crew in the pit to make sure he gets the most out of his racecar, he has a team help him take care of all the non-racing stuff. Teamwork is a definite theme.

Through it all, he makes it look easy.

The DVD’s one drawback is that you get overwhelmed with one of Gordon’s main sponsors: Pepsi. The film was produced by Pepsi, and we know this right from the start. It’s on his car, his jumpsuit and other marketing paraphernalia.

I think everyone watching this would understand Pepsi is the mother of all sponsors, but to see him drinking a Pepsi every moment the camera follows him is just a bit much.

Grade: B

24 X 24 Wide Open with Jeff Gordon is currently available.