I was writhing in anticipation to hear music from a band called Deathkiller. With a quick flip through the booklet, I noticed it has a female bass player, for which I’m always a sucker, and gives a shout-out to Ian McFarland of Blood for Blood.

On top of that Matt, the singer/guitarist, used to be in Hatebreed, and Anthony, the drummer, used to be in Most Precious Blood. But the first song, “Take me to your Bleeder” did not strike me as particularly hardcore, as I could understand every word Matt sings/screams.

Deathkiller seems to be stuck between genres. It wants to be hardcore, but its debut CD falls a bit flat.

A highlight is the breakdown on “You Know The Drill,” where people clearly get the crap kicked out of them at the live shows.

Deathkiller is a band that doesn’t know where it fits in. And I just feel bad for Matt’s vocal chords. Scream less, sing more.

Grade: C+

New England Is Sinking is currently available.