Multi-instrumentalist Mark Dwinell, who records using the nom de plume Nonloc, creates an inquisitive mélange of folk, drone and minimalism on his sophomore solo project, Between Hemispheres. Dwinell is best known as a founding member of psych-droners Bright but takes a more organic path here.

Gone are dissonance and loudness, and in its place Nonloc uses the influences of Popul Vuh, Philip Glass, Terry Riley and ambient artists such as Michael Brook, which give the mostly instrumental acoustic/electric CD a contemplative posture well suited for the trance crowd.

The weakest drawback is Dwinell’s occasional vocals; Bad poetry sung without conviction is second-rate in any context. The compelling spots include opener “Corpus Callosum,” clipped acoustic overdub workout “The Golden Apple Pie” and the mystical title track, a transportative piece that transforms thought into electronic meditation, shifting language into something akin to mysticism, and would have seamlessly suited the soundtrack for Werner Herzog’s Aguirre.

Grade: B

Between Hemispheres is currently available.