As a longtime fan of Stars, I was psyched when I heard they were putting out a new album, even though it was an “indie remix/cover album.” I’m not usually a fan of remix albums, as they tend to be annoying, repetitive indulgences. Though there are exceptions like Feist’s Open Season or Death From Above 1979’s Romance Bloody Romance, Do You Trust Your Friends? doesn’t prove to be one of those exceptions.

Friends? is not nearly as moving as the 3-year-old album that it revisits. When what is being remixed is as remarkable as Set Yourself on Fire, anything added runs the risk of completely ruining the original material.

On the flipside, when the original material is that great, it’s hard to totally ruin it. Stars’ friends fail to improve upon the tracks. Instead, they simply downgrade the quality to what the songs would sound like if imperfectly done by anyone else.

Friends? is not a total loss, however. One of the only actual covers on the album is done by Broken Social Scene’s Jason Collett and offers a refreshing take on “Reunion.” I am thankful that “One More Night,” what I consider my favorite song from Set Yourself on Fire was given to Apostle of Hustle and is by far the highlight of the CD.

Grade: B+

Do You Trust Your Friends? is currently available.