It doesn't exactly stand out in the forest of business complexes that surround the innocuous-looking white stucco building, but once you find Caffe Brass Monkey in Korea Town, you'll soon discover one of the most extensive karaoke songbooks around.

In fact, it reportedly contains over 15,000 songs in six different langunages, including many numbers you wouldn't expect to find at other places. From Sliknot to White Zombie and Christina Aguilera to James Brown, the "Monkey's" list will have most patrons perusing the pages for hours trying to decide how best to serenade the crowd.

The dress is casual and so is the decor, ringing of a bar in a Boston cellar, complete with a copper furnace near the door. And on a cold night, the sloped ceiling almost makes you believe it could be snowing outside.

The crowd vibe is laid-back and low-key, a nice contrast from the elitist atmosphere you'll find in many other L.A. nightspots. And if you manage to visit on a weeknight, you're likely to see 70-year-old Korean businessmen singing tunes in their native language and perhaps - if they've had enough drinks - with ties around their foreheads.

On weekends, the college crowd comes out which makes for great people-watching. On any given night, you may be caught helping a woman who missed her calling as a soul singer celebrate her 40th birthday by singing along to Aretha Franklin, or a petite 28-year-old celebrate hers by belting out some Kurt Cobain.

To help get people up and singing, there is a two drink minimum. Although the drinks aren't cheap, they are strong (my Red Bull and Jagermeister turned out to be more like Jager on ice). No doubt, this is not only to keep the microphone manned but also to soften the blow of those who should probably leave crooning to the likes of Pat Boone and Tony Bennett.

But if you're planning a visit, get there early. Tables are reserved only until 9 p.m. and the waiting list for karaoke is quite long - it can take an hour or tow before you get your song. On top of that, the list is subject to the DJ's whims - rumor has it that tipping him won't top the scales, so be patient.

Caffe Brass Monkey may be the ultimate karaoke joint, so sit down, grab the book, pick your song, leave your modesty outside, and make like a canary and sing.

Caffe Brass Monkey is open daily from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Karaoke starts nightly at 9 p.m. and at 4 p.m. on Fridays. For more information, visit