According to Wikipedia, a transistor is a semi-conductor device commonly used as an amplifier or an electrically controlled switch. The transistor is the fundamental building block of the circuitry that governs the operation of computers, cell phones and all other modern electronics. In essence, the transistor is the central source of all energy that controls how things operate, and without it, things could not be as easily seen, felt and heard.

Basically, wherein the transistor remains, lies the soul. This definition makes sense because every Thursday night at Transistor in the Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown party people can find their soul.

The normal velvet ropes, guest lists and pretentious door personnel are nowhere to be seen at Transistor. What is seen upon entering is not the usual bling and carbon copied patrons that come with the usual territory in clubs these days, but a flashback in fashion and décor that sets the mood and the tone of Transistor.

Reminiscent of the days before iPods, mp3s, the world wide web and the dumbing down of our collective soul music psyche, Transistor’s two dance floors bring back a time when people actually came out to dance. No one here is sitting around with their bottle service doing whatever it is that the main stream tells them is cool; this is the rebirth of cool.

Both floors have the vibe of a neighborhood house party from back in the day. For five years now, Transistor founders and semi-conductors Alex and Dorian have been playing amazing tunes that anyone who knows soul music can’t resist.

“We do it for the music,” Dorian says, and this is evident with the mere $5 cover charge, unheard of in most clubs in Hollywood, which is one reason that they decided to host Transistor in Chinatown.

“We got tired of going out all the time all the way in Hollywood. Here we are close to downtown, and close to Echo Park and Silver Lake.”

The location works. Although there are quite a few fashionable boys and girls with skinny ties and vintage dresses dancing to the beat, there’s all types here every Thursday with one thing in common – love for good music. Everyone’s a transistor and brother here.

If you’ve never seen a flyer for Transistor, it’s because Dorian says they don’t normally flyer.

“People usually hear about Transistor from word of mouth. It sells itself.”

I’m sold. If you’ve never been to this part of Chinatown, Thursday night at Transistor is a good place to start. It’s where you’ll find your soul.

Grand Star Jazz Club is located at 943 S. Broadway in Chinatown. For more information, visit