Jimmy Knight and Tom Chalmers have compiled a book just for the cubicle prisoners of the world. In Extreme Office Crafts the authors provide instructions on how to use the supplies that are typically found in any office supply closet to entertain yourself until five o’ clock roles around.

The crafts in this book are more than easy to follow and require the minimal amount of talent. The instructions are written to keep you laughing while you creating. There are also tips on how not to get caught and the possible downfalls of some of the crafts – such as how to remove the packing tape skirt that you made after lunch with the bare minimum of skin/hair loss.

There are pictures to help the struggling, cubicle artists along as well as scales that rate how much time the project will take and how high the risk is of getting caught.

This is a must-own book for anyone who is stuck in the daily 9-5 grind. Even if you are too chicken to actually make the “Personal Haz-Mat Suit” out of bubble wrap and duct tape, it’s a stress relieving read that will inspire you to at least imagine wasting more time and supplies while you are being underpaid and overworked.

Grade: A

Extreme Office Crafts is currently available.