In a closely contested final, Melbourne, Fla.’s CJ Hobgood trounced Jeremy Flores of France at the U.S. Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach on July 31.

The result was determined by the rippable two to three-foot surf, where Hobgood used a vertical attack of snaps and carves, which bested Flores’ amazing rail commitment.

Flores was unable to score the 7.25 points needed on the final wave, as Hobgood held on. Hobgood defeated Dustin Cuizon to advance to the final, while Flores defeated Jean da Silva in the semi-final. Losing quarterfinalists were Royden Bryson, Gabe Kling, Darren O’Rafferty and Aritz Aranburu.

Royden was the highest placed South African in equal fifth. Davey Weare placed equal 17th.

In the Ladies Final, WCT surfer Stephanie Gilmore defeated Karina Petroni in the final. Courtney Conlogue and Sally Fitzgibbons round out the top four.

South Africa’s highest placed surfer was Tammy Lee-Smith in equal 25th. Nikita Robb and Rosy Hodge placed equal 37th.

In the Pro Junior Final Tonino Benson took first, while, Chris Waring finished second, Jordy Smith took third, Mason Ho was fourth.

After the U.S. Open of Surfing, the Top 10 Men are as follows (as of Aug. 3):

1) Tiago Pires (10,900)

2) Jordy Smith (10,375)

3) Jay Thompson (10,013)

4) Jihad Khodr (9,563)

5) Kieren Perrow (9,301)

6) Neco Padaratz (9,213)

7) Kirk Flintoff (9,175)

8) Jarrad Howse (8,988)

9) Ben Bourgeois (8,863)

10) Dane Reynolds (8,857)

The Top Five women are as follows:

1) Jessi Miley-Dyer (7,575)

2) Jacqueline Silva (6,965)

3) Stephanie Gilmore (6,525)

4) Melani Redman-Carr (6,505)

5) Serena Brooke (5,805)