Americans (deep sigh). Throughout years of technological advancement, political development and regression, and the reforming of social codes, how we still manage to cling to the sticks up our asses will forever remain a mystery to me.

The weakened American immune system and failing sense of humor are only some of the many true cataclysms brought to light in this film. 2 Days in Paris is ridden with multiple layers of sarcasm, heart and political commentary that do justice to Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg’s incredible onscreen chemistry.

A quirky couple with an offbeat dynamic that makes their moments of intimate sweetness genuine and their nitpicky fights realistic, Marion (Delpy) and Jack (Goldberg) embark on a trip to Europe in the hopes of reinvigorating their spark.

Physical ailments, insecurity with his role as a man and being forced to surrender a great degree of control all make Jack a recipe for contempt. As Marion floats effortlessly through the crowded streets and farmers’ markets, doting on friends and wearing effortless summer dresses, Jack wears dark sunglasses and keeps his shoulders hunched, creating a dynamic that represents much more than man versus woman.

2 Days incarnates the tangible beauty of “real” life. With the same priorities for pleasure and the afternoons made for wine and not rush hour, the essence of France and its rich cinematic history is brought to life through this couple. Figuring out love in the most non prince charming/white horse way, Marion and Jack spiral out of sync only to find a new kind of harmony.

Grade: A

2 Days in Paris releases in select theaters Aug. 10.