When I heard in June that Star Shoes on Hollywood Boulevard was closing, I was in dismay. Star Shoes had been my Saturday night home away from home for as long as I’ve lived in Los Angeles. Star Shoes was also the home of Funky Sole, the weekly Saturday night six-year strong boogie down affair that Hollywood had with soul music lovers.

Friends, acquaintances, total strangers and I danced on that final Funky Sole night like there was no tomorrow, and unfortunately, there wouldn’t be for Star Shoes. Suddenly, it was gone.

Where would I go for my weekly soul music? I was in a funk, or out of funk, I should say.

With no immediate answers, I noticed the limited edition Nike Dunks I was wearing while holding my head low in my sadness. I realized real soul is more than the overpriced sneakers that most Hollywood clubgoers are rocking these days.

Many people seem to have the words sole and soul confused. Make no mistake, finding fresh new kicks in this town is easy. Finding real soul music to dance to is not.

My prayers have been answered because it’s on again. Funky Sole is back!

It’s only moved a few blocks south to Jimmy’s Lounge (formally El Centro) on Santa Monica Boulevard, one block east of Vine with plenty of street parking. Filled with a lovely mix of B-boys and girls, hipsters, artists and revelers from the old and new school, Funky Sole provides the right space and vibe for anyone who wants to get down.

The best things in life are free, and the funk flows freely here. You’ll hear deep funk, afro-latin, bossa jazz, pre-1983 hip-hop and even Turkish and Bollywood beats that guarantee you’ll leave any worries or problems at the door.

DJs Music Man Miles, promoter of the Root Down at Little Temple and leader of the funk band Breakestra, and Egon of Stones Throw Records bring in more funk each Saturday night than most people in Los Angeles hear in a month.

It’s not unlike a Sunday here either, because these DJs, along with sometime special guests, are constantly taking the devoted faithful funky following to church on the dance floor with grooves that go on and on until 2 a.m.

I once was lost, and now I’m found, among others who share the same dance floor and the same good vibes, but not the same music heard every night at every other place in Hollywood. Everybody’s dancing at Funky Sole as if it were the last Saturday on Earth, yet fortunately for us, it’s not.

Jimmy’s Lounge is located at 6202 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/funkysole.