Internal Salvation is magnificent, straightforward, dirty punk rock with callous hooks reminiscent of six-string chainsaws and a couple loud trashcans. The Unseen’s self-proclaimed influences (the Misfits, the Clash, the Cult, Bad Religion, Sick Of It All and G.B.H) can be heard throughout this disc, but the sound is by no means a rip-off of any of them.

The tracks all surge with enraged energy. The riffs are simple and abrupt. The vocals are crazy, with the perfect mix of well-spoken mini-soliloquies and screamin’ melodies.

“Left for Dead” and “Step Inside … Take Your Life” are standout tracks, chock-full of anthemic rhythm. “Torn and Shattered (Nothing Left)” is tribal and catchy. While there’s not a ton of variety, each song is well written and played.

Grade: B+

Internal Salvation is currently available.