Miss Potter, a biopic based on the life of Beatrix Potter, gently tells the story of an upper class British woman in 1900 who manages, against the grain of society and her own family, to turn herself into a trailblazing writer and environmentalist.

Growing up coddled and sheltered with little expectations from her parents, outside of marrying well, Beatrix (Renée Zellweger) spends her free time drawing, painting and making up little stories for the creatures she illustrates. This creative pastime begins to trouble the Potter family as they watch their daughter put more of herself into it and as she continues to remain single well past the age of 30.

Luckily for the world, Beatrix ignores everyone around her and pursues her art to her heart’s content. Many of her works for children, including The Tale of Peter Rabbit, have endured the test of time.

I don’t think the film Miss Potter will have quite the same powers of endurance, but still the movie is a pleasant enough work. Zellweger convincingly portrays a smart and independent woman, torn by her sense of duty and love for her parents.

Grade: B

Miss Potter is currently available.