Roller skating, which preceded skateboarding (and later rollerblading), was once one of the biggest recreational activities in the world in the ’70s and ’80s. Kids, teens, as well as adults from all races and backgrounds equally enjoyed roller skating; catapulting it beyond a trend to a full-blown family sport.

This phenomenon extended to the boardwalks and sidewalks by day and to clubs and discos by night. Even the most famous nightclub of all time, Studio 54, had its share of celebrities and regulars arriving in the latest fashions accessorized with matching roller skates in their heyday.

Well, roller skating is back! But don’t call it a comeback, World on Wheels has been here for years – 25 years.

World on Wheels, or WOW, is open six days a week (closed on Mondays) with nightly specials, including Gumbo Night on Tuesdays and Oldies Night on Thursdays. The orange-brown entrance to the building, complete with an old movie marquee lighted sign highlighting the event schedule is the first indication that this is and has been an exciting place.

Once inside, past the blue and red walls is the front room complete with colorful carpet and circular carpeted mini seats, video games and table hockey. The glass cases on display in the front room are filled with skate memorabilia as well as brand new skates and skate accessories.

In 2006, WOW changed its floor from cement to wood. This upgrade has proven better for your roll as well as for your rear, in case you’ve lost your magic skating touch.

Colorful strobe lights, a few disco balls and painted wall images of stars and flying roller skates with wings add nice touches to the updated but still retro rink. From a glass booth the DJ sets the mood with tunes new and old.

If you’re hungry, there are burgers, fries, pizza, cookies, Icees and other treats. If you’re looking for something different and fun, check out World on Wheels. Now you’re ready to roll!

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