Jill Sobule is 46-years-old. She looks 35 and is instantly loveable.

Her debut album, Things Here Are Different, released in 1990, was produced by the legendary Todd Rundgren. Since then, she has released six critically acclaimed full-length albums, including two anthologies, crowned 1995’s cult film Clueless with the defining “Supermodel,” provided the soundtrack to Nickelodeon’s hit TV series “Unfabulous” and brought her sardonic, hysterical sense of humor to such projects as “The Jill and Julia Show” (with Julia Sweeney), “The Richard & Jill Show” (with Richard Barone) and the 2004 film Mind the Gap. Oh, and she’s been asked to host a politics and music blog on Yahoo Music.

So why is she known as the one-hit-wonder with that mid-’90s song “I Kissed a Girl?”

Sobule rocked the house at Largo, garnering laughs, cheers and the crowd’s total attention. From solo ballads (“Verbana Bridge,” “Tel Aviv”) and band-backed autobiographical ditties (“Cinnamon Park,” “Bitter”) to impressively executed compositions (“The Girl in the Affair”), laugh-out-loud folk-storytelling (“Jetpack,” “Party Girl”) and “the best rock song ever!” – “Don’t Come In/ Don’t Come Out/ Come On!” – Sobule was on her pop-masterpiece game and we, in an intimate supper club atmosphere, were lucky enough to witness it.

A good sport, she even did “I Kissed a Girl.”