Sometimes relationships are cultivated over time. Oftentimes, a friendship transforms over the years into coupledom.

Yet on other occasions, in rare but amazing instances, love blooms in a day. That’s the premise of In a Day, written and directed by Evan Richards.

Ashley Brandstead (Lorraine Pilkington) starts her day in an awful way. After shaking off the insulting incidence, she’s approached by Michael (Finlay Robertson), a regular in the shop where she makes sandwiches.

He spends the day pampering her, telling her a secret someone has sent him to “make her have a wonderful day.” And so the love affair begins. Of course, a surprising and cute twist unfolds in the end, exposing Michael’s true reasons for his kindness.

Robertson is quirky and charming, while Pilkington reels you into her world of longing for love. Love doesn’t always find a home and settle in a day, but when it does, it can be truly magical.

Grade: A

In a Day releases Aug. 24 at Laemmle’s Music Hall in Beverly Hills.