RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR (Roadside Attractions) In our post-9/11 society, nothing is more terrifying than the potential for another terrorist attack. Director Chris Gorak brings this fear into light with his uber-realistic horror film Right at Your Door.

The film follows Brad, played by Rory Cochrane, as he struggles to find his wife after numerous dirty bombs explode across Los Angeles. Right at Your Door breaks down to one third of a tremendous film, one third of an OK film and one third of a disappointing film.

The film’s concept is incredibly disturbing and scary in itself, and the introduction into madness is likewise emotionally draining as we see a city sink into depravity and confusion.

This concept, coupled with a fabulously suspenseful score creates a sense of dread and fear that the rest of the film simply cannot live up to.

Anyone that resides in Los Angeles will be petrified and emotionally drained by the 30-minute marker in the film. However, the film runs out of steam by the middle and, as a result, throws in an absurd twist ending. Still, it’s more original and challenging than 90 percent of scary movies out there.

Grade: B

Right at Your Door releases in theaters Aug. 24.