My brain hurt after watching Inland Empire, but that’s the true test of any David Lynch film. If it doesn’t bend your mind, blur your vision and completely perplex you, Lynch hasn’t done his job.

The avant-garde filmmaker delivers three hours of stunning images that pull you into the dizzying tale of actress Nikki Grace (Laura Dern). As Nikki begins an adulterous affair with her costar, Devon Berk (Justin Theroux), it’s revealed that the film they’re shooting, On High in Blue Tomorrows, is a remake of a cursed project that ended in tragedy years ago.

Inland Empire then spirals into a confusing blend of Nikki’s reality, the fictional world of Blue Tomorrows and scenes from a parallel story set in Poland featuring a young woman who’s engrossed in a sitcom starring actors dressed in bunny costumes. Phew!

Throw in the sinister tone set by the film being shot on digital video, solid performances by Lynch film alumni Dern (Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart) and Theroux (Mulholland Dr.), and you’ve got a must-see for any Lynch fan.

Extras: making-of featurette, interviews with Lynch and Dern, photo gallery, and Lynch at home cooking quinoa.

Grade: B

Inland Empire is currently available.