One marvelous day, a truly sick and twisted human being realized that late night cartoon watchers don’t have the attention span to get through a 30-minute program. He also realized that most late night cartoon watchers were similarly sick and twisted.

Thus, a genre was born. And luckily, for all of us sick and twisted people out there, one of the princes of 15-minute debauchery, “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law,” has arrived for the third time on DVD.

For those of you unfamiliar with this dashing character of judicial genius, Birdman is a former superhero who got tired of the daily grind of saving the world and decided to become America’s next legal eagle. He thought he was getting into a more relaxed, stable profession. How little did he know?

What ensues are 13 episodes of ribald humor interspersed with attack genies, Hulk-o-potamuses and some of the most pressing legal issues of our day. After all, what if Dr. Quest and Rick O’Bannon finally did want to tie the knot? And if you have two characters that solve crimes with talking non-human entities … is that identity theft?

All these stunning questions and more will be answered on this, the third installment of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.

But don’t worry, Harvey isn’t rid of his evil villain nemeses just yet. In fact, he’s plagued by Reducto (a green man who thinks that size is everything, and everything could stand to be a bit smaller), the evil Reduplicator (the terror of the copy room) and Dr. X (who’s actually grown quite a pot belly since Hannah-Barbera let him go).

Watch Harvey and his team of aides go to work on the court system, and just be glad that justice is blind.

Grade: A

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Vol. 3 is currently available