Upon first listen to The Promise in Compromise, a multitude of “sounds-like” references come to mind. The pop punk emo outfit is not a copycat of any one band; it manages to sound like almost every band in the genre.

From the over dramatic layers of high-pitched vocals to the mid-tempo, upbeat guitar driven tracks, there’s certainly nothing new here from this New Jersey band. Even with the lack of a fresh sound, Tokyo Rose does a decent job to create a listenable album.

Songs like “Can I Change Your Mind?” and the title track are certainly catchy, and even fun. Yet, because of the monotony, no song stands out.

Producer Chris Badami has had much better luck with the Dillinger Escape Plan, the Early November and the Starting Line.

A generic sound, immature lyrics and a boring song lineup make The Promise in Compromise smell like anything, but, well … roses.

Grade: D

The Promise in Compromise is currently available.