There’s nothing wrong with being cute, and here’s proof. Cedric the Entertainer’s short-lived sketch comedy show seems to want to be edgy and bust-a-gut funny, but there’s only so much that can be done in a half-hour network television timeslot, and most of the skits here are demonstrative of that.

Cedric’s adventures are often amusing, and many of the concepts – such as a lunchroom lady working a wedding reception, or a bathroom attendant who offers everything from drivers’ licenses to penicillin injections on the side – are pretty clever. The short format also prevents the kind of overlong catastrophes found on "Saturday Night Live."

But this show ultimately is more amusing than funny. The best sketch shows are on cable for a reason, and Cedric, funny as he can be, is powerless to change that.

Includes 22 episodes (six unaired).

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