Freshman Orientation stars Sam Huntington (Superman Returns) as Clay – a horn dog-turned-good guy from the Midwest. Upon arriving at college, he comes to the realization that female coeds aren’t the dirty girls he thought they would be.

He seeks to find the one chick in his school with whom he can act out all of his most erotic, MTV-derivative fantasies. Enter Kaitlin Doubleday (Waiting…). She’s a sorority girl that has to do anything she can to stay in her house.

This includes participating in a pledge activity that requires her to make a gay guy fall in love with her – only so she can dump him the following week at a Greek party in order to pledge her allegiance to her sisters. Through a poorly executed misunderstanding, she and Clay wind up becoming friends and later falling for each other.

You’d think that in a project with such a great supporting cast as Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse), John Goodman (“Roseanne”) and Rachel Dratch (“Saturday Night Live”) that these actors would provide a fresh take on a rite of passage for so many young people. Instead, they each submit embarrassingly pedestrian performances.

Writer/director Ryan Shiraki’s sad little opus to his days as a student at Brown University would best be served as a cruel joke that he tells his friends in the locker room of his gym. The man was a producer at “Saturday Night Live” for eight years; you’d think he’d be capable of doing so much more with that legacy.

Freshman Orientation releases at the Regent Showcase (614 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles) Aug. 31.