Normally, I feel that one should be wary of pilots that didn’t make it to television. Usually there’s a very good reason, and looking at all the crap on TV that has made it past its pilot, you’d pretty much think that the junk pile would be pretty atrocious.

Not so in this case.

Dane Cook: The Lost Pilots is in many way just another vehicle for Cook’s tried and true stand-up. He includes the jokes from his routines and then fleshes them out into a full-fledged situation, giving a 3D dimension to the comedy that you can’t get with him alone on stage.

I mean, what would happen if you managed to buy a knife wielding ninja monkey? For protection, of course.

I can see how this show would fall flat, however. In the first pilot, Cook plays a commitment-phobic comedian who throws away his relationship for a bachelor pad he can’t afford.

In true sitcom style, he returns chastised and wiser, ready to woo his girl back. Unfortunately, the actors are better at stand-up than sincerity.

If you are a die-hard Dane Cook fan, can repeat all his jokes word for word and own/have seen everything he’s ever done, this is an excellent addition to your collection. If not, it’s a semi-decent sitcom that will never be. Such a tease.

Extras: Cook’s antics and ad-libs, deleted scenes, gag reels.

Grade: B

Dane Cook: The Lost Pilots is currently available.