The Crypt Keeper is back for the sixth season box set of HBO’s cadaverous cult classic: “Tales from the Crypt.” For those who have never seen the show, each episode is a dark morality tale where a different deeply flawed individual gets his or her own personal comeuppance in ironic and sometimes grisly ways.

Of course, those who have embraced such films as Saw and Hostel are sure to be unimpressed by the notable lack of actual gore or, in many cases, real scares in these chapters from a pre-“Sopranos” HBO.

In fact, for the most part, the scariest part of most episodes is the high-pitched shriek of the show’s ghostly spokesman, the Crypt Keeper, as he juts out of his coffin at the end of the intro. Well, that and the blood chilling puns, of course.

The biggest letdown of this set, however, is that there’s almost nothing along the lines of bonus materials. In a show that prides itself on sly writing, it’s shameful not to have any commentary whatsoever on the disc. The only bonus is a minimally animated comic.

Still, the show is not without quite a bit of merit even if it’s tamer than a modern PG-13 film. The celebrities involved in this show are plentiful, including starring roles by Catherine O’Hara, John Lithgow and Benicio Del Toro and culminating in an episode where director Robert Zemeckis uses his Forrest Gump experience to make integrated clips of Humphrey Bogart the star of the episode.

If you can deal with puns and punishment with minimal gore and slight nudity, "Tales from the Crypt’s" season six may still be a ghastly gas.

Grade: C

Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Sixth Season is currently available.