Patrick McGilligan has been drawing ever since he was a kid. Inspired by comic books, sci-fi and pulp fiction, the zany pictures dancing in his head spilled onto blank pages and became visible for all to see.

Born and raised in Norwalk, Calif., he now resides in Santa Monica, where he’s the unofficial in-store artist for Vidiot’s. At the popular movie rental spot, you can purchase his hand-drawn magnets.

Nowadays, his muses are normal people living their everyday lives at bus stops, the DMV, folks looking nutty or depressed. He stays busy doing poster and flyer work and other freelance assignments. He’s also working on a book of his own material.

But his biggest encouragement is how people and other artists have responded to his art.

“It took me a long time to put my work out there,” he shares. “My biggest inspiration is that people seem to like it.”

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