No offense to the unstoppable powerhouse that is Daft Punk, but France now has more to offer with newcomers Justice, a DJ duo blessed with a quickly rising star and an in-your-face debut album, Cross.

Despite the obvious Daft Punk influences (circa Discovery), these Frenchmen have developed an undeniably unique style of relentless, dance-inducing, party-starting tracks of immeasurable appeal. The aptly titled “Genesis” begins with a heavy horn call of massive proportions warning listeners of the brewing creation that is to come: a bass-heavy dance-a-thon.

The addictive “D.A.N.C.E.” is key to setting the tone of the entire album, as it samples a Jackson 5 sound-alike backed by a nostalgic disco fever string section and a funky bass line. Giving it a robotic feel, “Phantom” and “Waters of Nazareth,” two must-experience tracks, liven the album with rapid-fire bass and kick drum rhythms, while “The Party” and “Valentine” give listeners a chance to relax from dancing spastically.

Don’t worry, Daft Punk, these boys are worthy enough to take your throne.

Grade: A

Cross is currently available.