Mirah’s got a knack for delivering lyrics purely and sweetly, regardless of whether she’s backed by a thick drum roll or soft flutter of strings. It should come as no surprise then that the same voice to cry “tie me to the Murphy bed” or turn gardening into a metaphor for oral sex would make bugs’ narratives fit right in with her back catalogue.

Despite rich and versatile instrumentation being the work of the Spectratone quartet (or, a quintet complete with bassist), Mirah leads Share This Place strongly enough to let it follow her 2004 record, C’mon Miracle, both records being strangely yet pleasantly reminiscent of one giant Israeli folk song.

Of course, Share This Place needs a context, and in its complete form is a multimedia presentation featuring stop motion films by Britta Johnson and a live soundtrack collaboration between Mirah and Spectratone International. Its visual component revolves around insects created from non-living objects, while the soundtrack itself is partially based on the writing style of Jean Henri Fabre, 12 narratives of life as an insect. More charming than awkward, and slow moments here are surprisingly rare.

Grade: B+

Share This Place is currently available.