After the success of its last full-length album, Black Sheep Boy, Okkervil River fans were clueless as to what the Texas-based band would come out with next. Luckily for them, Okkervil River’s new and fourth album, The Stage Names, proves it’s a band that progresses with each new release.

The CD starts out with the shake-your-legs and tap-your-fingers “Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe.” This raucous mood comes to an abrupt stop with the acoustic guitar of “Savannah Smiles,” and continues with songs like “A Girl In Port” and “John Allyn Smith Sails” that make you to want to drink tea and write out all your woes in your journal.

It’s hard to pinpoint Okkervil River’s exact genre. Sometimes it sounds folky and indie, but listeners might also find country, pop and even emo. Fans that enjoy The Stage Names might also enjoy frontman Will Sheff’s other project, Shearwater.

Grade: A

The Stage Names is currently available.