Cary Brothers is doomed to be “that guy who sings that song in that movie you like.” His songs can be heard regularly on “Scrubs” and were featured in the indie hit Garden State.

The man has talent. He can write a song that adds that little something to a touching scene on TV or in a movie that makes you tear up, but he can’t necessarily put on a show of his own.

Though there was no lack of audience at the last stop on Brothers’ tour in support of his debut full-length album, Who You Are, his live show leaves something to be desired. His songs run together and begin to sound the same. Maybe the music would’ve had more impact if Brothers’ good friend Zach Braff took the stage and began a self-examining monologue.

Braff deemed Brothers worthy of attention and everyone else dutifully followed. Brothers has since become the literal “soundtrack” of our lives.

Joined by a full band and friends from opening acts William Fitzsimmons and Stars of Track and Field, Brothers performed pretty much the entirety of his album and ended with the crowd favorite “Blue Eyes,” from the Garden State soundtrack.

Brothers has an incredibly beautiful voice and he definitely has some great lines in his songs. I was moved by the line, “I wish your love away” from one of his well-known singles, “Honestly.”

But my advice would be to download the latest Brothers’ song you hear on “Grey’s Anatomy.”