For those without any exposure to the Web site, let me expel any delusions you may have that Mr. Skin is a clever double-entendre that is used to promote something of a more G-rated commodity. Mr. Skin is a Web site established to chronicle milestones in actresses’ careers – specifically when they have exposed more sensitive parts of their bodies on film, which films they exposed themselves in and which parts you can see.

For my fellow students of the female form, I am proud to introduce Mr. Skin’s newest book, Mr. Skin’s Skintastic Video Guide. Unlike the Web site, this book takes the focus from individual actresses, opting rather to let you know the 501 items that should be on your Netflix queue and how much skin you are in store for.

The scope of this book is not just porno flicks. The list includes gems from all levels of legitimacy and all genres, including Swordfish, Porky’s and Caligula.

Each film is accompanied by notes, a list of all credited actresses who display their finer points, and a tally of “breasts,” “butts” and “bushes.” Pages are also accentuated by facts about specific directors and corny “Skinfo” and “Skinformation” asides.

While this book is full of images, they’re all movie posters. There’s no actual nudity or scenes from the films depicted in the book. This is really more a yellow pages of smut.

Needless to say, this is not a literary piece. There are funny bits, but the item-by-item approach comes off more as a coffee table book. Of course, that’s assuming that someone would want to have a book whose cover boasts that it lists the “501 greatest movies for sex & nudity on DVD” on their coffee table.

Grade: B+

Mr. Skin’s Skintastic Video Guide will be available at select locations Sept. 1.