In a city where it’s all about how you look, you’d think a full on comfort food restaurant smack dab on the Sunset Strip would be shunned. Not so for Ketchup.

Before Ketchup opened its doors in early 2007, the anticipation was palpable on local foodie sites. Would powerhouse Dolce Group be able to add another formidable concept restaurant to its culinary arsenal (Dolce, Geisha House, Les Deux)?

Ketchup certainly rises to the challenge with its sleek interior and hearty menu. The first floor features plush red carpeting and a welcoming smile from two hostesses eager to whisk you upstairs.

The second floor’s beautiful red carpeting is juxtaposed against stark white walls. If you’re dining in the evening, make sure to request to sit by the window, which is actually a unique open-air wall.

Once seated, one of the best things I’ve ever seen in a restaurant will approach your table – a bartender pushing a drink cart featuring Yoo-hoo! Ketchup’s drink list sticks to comfort offering party starters like the chocolate milk drink and Kool-Aid, too. Other drinks like the Dazed and Confused and the Honeymooners are a nice balance if you like the hard stuff but still want a bit of fun.

Ketchup presents a hybrid menu with dishes like Mini Chicken Tacos and Tuna Tartar that keep the experience fresh and exciting. The Barking Dogs, Kobe beef mini dogs with chili, are a favorite along with the Scandalous Lobster Wraps served with mango ketchup. (The restaurant features five styles of ketchup in addition to the classic tomato-based condiment, including chipotle and a spicy Ranch version.)

Do you feel like homestyle BBQ Baby Pork Ribs or beer battered Ketch of the Day? No matter what you order, don’t leave this restaurant without trying the extremely rich Dungeness Crab Mac ’N’ Cheese and the Lobster Mashed Potatoes.

As for dessert, there’s no escaping Ketchup’s Strawberry Shortcake.

For more information call (310) 289-8590 or visit