Comedian/actor George Lopez has made the big leagues. The 40-something performer has achieved the pinnacle of his comedic career in having his very own HBO special.

George Lopez: America’s Mexican is an hour-plus of extreme belly laughs. He doesn’t steer away from the tough topics (immigration) and shares his memories of family dysfunction (more like physical abuse with laughs).

Two of the best parts are when he critiques how spoiled kids of today couldn’t survive the roughness he endured as a kid, and when he asks the audience if they know which race made America great. He responds with, “Guess?” and a mariachi song blares while he cackles proudly.

Lopez is now in the same category as other HBO alumni: Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Ellen DeGeneres. It took too long to get there, but Lopez hilariously makes up for it.

Grade: B+

George Lopez: America’s Mexican is currently available.