Under a canopy of stars and crisscrossed searchlights, Canadian prog-rock trio Rush performed at the Hollywood Bowl, enchanting the crowd with a nearly three-hour sonic odyssey, showcasing songs from their latest disc, Snakes & Arrows. Reverent fans from all walks of life caught the mystery, the myth, the spirit and the wit. The mystic rhythms that make Rush consummate musicians are still going as strong as ever.

Onstage, sumptuous baths of undulating blue, red and white light glowed, awash with smoke and radiating green lasers. The spectacular spaceship atmosphere was enhanced by a comical mix of three large reddish hen roasters spinning and dinosaur toy miniatures strewn on the speakers with three large, side-by-side video projection screens featuring skits from “South Park” and the McKenzie brothers.

Geddy Lee’s unique high-pitched vocals thrilled as he played on the bass and the synth-keyboard. Versatile fingersmith Alex Lifeson switched from electric to acoustic and moved all with his soaring ethereal riffs. Drummer Neil Peart banged out a solo that was equally thrilling and nothing short of pure bliss.

Let’s all hope they keep going for another 35 years.