In a world where a donut shop stands in nearly every mile traveled, there’s one place with the best donuts in Los Angeles. I’ve never tasted a donut that I didn’t like at Primo’s, serving the Westside since 1956 — and I’ve tried most of them!

As you approach the long-standing establishment, the fragrant smell of cinnamon and frying dough floats through the air. Once inside, Mrs. Primo greets you with a smile from behind the counter, while Mr. Primo cooks up the tempting treats in the kitchen.

All donuts are made fresh daily from perfected recipes. A must-try is the homemade blueberry scone bursting with plump blueberries and the perfect drizzle of not-too-sugary glaze.

On Fridays and Saturdays I enjoy the cake donuts, especially the cinnamon crumb, which is still good hours later at home or work.

There are also muffins – the blueberry is loaded with delicious f

resh fruit. I love the cinnamon rolls, raspberry jelly-filled and apple turnovers.

The classic yeast glazed donut is fabulous – not too sweet, not too oily. And I must not forget everyone’s favorite, the signature glazed buttermilk bar, which is featured everyday at Primo’s and is sweet and moist down to the center.

Last year, in celebration of their 50th Anniversary, donuts were offered at the original opening day selling price of a mere nickel, but today, they start at $.85. Nothing beats a hot Primo’s donut, cup of coffee and great service to start off your day!

For more information, call (310) 478-6930.