In the music world, especially hip-hop, we often come across artists who take it back to the old school. In the case of these two strangers from Winston-Salem, N.C., Jimmy Jams and Bobby Evans do just this under the moniker Brother Reade. Now residing in Los Angeles, Jams the lyricist and Evans the producer add a new flavor to gangsta rap’s home.

Brother Reade are old-fashion artists. From the simple drum machine beats, three track sound effects and basic rhyme skills with a little profane edge, Rap Music has potential. Whether he’s borrowing rap lyrics from Nas or other old school legends, you can tell Jimmy Jams’ influences are Common and Will Smith.

The best part of the CD comes from Evans’ production.

On Rap Music, Brother Reade shows versatility. The chemistry between these two guys is starting to develop, but they’ll need more than this project to be taken seriously as a Westside rap duo.

Grade: C

Rap Music is currently available.